ridiculous week

If I can get through this week emotionally stable, I will consider it a success.

I have a midterm tomorrow. I did horrendous on the last on in this class. I'm not doing well in the course as a whole - with the exception of the problem sets from the lab (which is normal, as I'm a kinetic learner... most unfortunate when grading is all about exams and not labs).

I have an orchestra concert today. at 1, actually. Then I have rehearsal again tonight at 7. No Real Life, I guess... sad

Orchestra concert tomorrow night at 7:30. No small group... again, sad.
doesn't help that wednesdays are already my craziest days but this week:
midterm @10, break for lunch (lunch date?), quiz @1, class @2, break, dance 4-6:10, dinner, orchestra.
then i have a midterm and a paper due thursday (after all that time i had to prepare for it the day before...yeah... no).

So I'm a bit stressed out about all that. Plus, i have a paper due friday, and then I still need to figure out more things for my spring schedule and my schedule for next year.

But anyway, it really doesn't help that I haven't been able to read my Bible much lately. frustration!!!!!

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