wait.. really?

Wow. Just when I feel like my world is crashing down and that I have no friends... it's really not, and I really do.

I felt like all my friends had left me. Work, school, boyfriends, stupid about "just being friends" and letting that hinder our friendship, or a fear that one or the other might be leading the other on in a way that wasn't intended.

Regardless. I was wrong. I do have friends... wow. do I ever.

I don't think Cory really meant to be soo negative or seemingly hurt about us "just being friends" when I re-read his facebook message. I think he was just waay sleep deprived and probably jealous of his close friend finding someone to be with and talk to all the time.

Jordan was sad he can't come to my orchestra concert, but managed to let me know and wish me luck. He's so cheerful, even when he's super busy.

I feel like some of my other friends have let me down by not communicating or being weird when we hang out, but in the end, they really do tell me they care about me and that they are praying for me.

Matt sent me a text today. After I had kinda assumed he only wanted to be my friend because I had a car, but no, he said he was sad we hadn't talked in awhile and was wondering how I was and what I've been up to. He's fun.

And then just now, what do I get? A text from Dave! I haven't talked to him in forever. He says that he and a bunch of his friends are going to try to come to my orchestra concert! I couldn't be more excited or surprised!!!

And what else?!?! Lydia and Kim (and Jeni too?) might be coming down for my orchestra concert! I'm so stoked!!

wow... God is amazing.

I just finished reading "and the bride wore white" which is a FANTASTIC book. I suggest everyone read it. Srsly. It's awesome. But I'm planning on reading it again and journaling about it as I go along as it has that suggestion throughout.

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